libudis86 Lua bindings. Compatible with Lua 5.1, 5.2 and LuaJIT. It was developed as a part of the mmbbq project, the Lua code injection framework.

  • github page:
  • udis86 project:
  • project page:
  • mmbbq page:

We use same license as udis86: FreeBSD


Makefile targets

 make all
     # Build lib and doc

 make doc
     # Just build the docs

 make test
     # run 'test.lua'


 -- init udis to a specific address
 local ludis86 = require("ludis86")
 ud = ludis86.init_addr_intel32(0x401000) -- your address here :D
 -- disassemble and print instructions
 while ud:dis() > 0 do
     print(string.format("+%04X %016s %016s", ud:off(), ud:hex(), ud:asm()))
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